HSC 2023 Exam Date – What We Know

The HSC 2023 exam date was revealed recently. The news was released on Tuesday (07.03.2023) by the chairman of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Professor Tapan Kumar Saha. In this post, we’ll discuss the possible HSC 2023 exam date. So keep reading to know the date.

The HSC exam of last year was delayed due to the pandemic. The students were unable to attend many classes. For that reason, the exam syllabus was also shortened. Generally, the HSC students get 330 classes but again, due to the pandemic and the bad flood condition of the country, students were unable to attend several classes.

Since we have a possible HSC 2023 exam date, we’re writing this post. Hopefully, this will help the HSC candidates prepare for the examination better.

HSC 2023 Exam Date

According to Professor Tapan Kumar Saha, the HSC 2023 exam might start in the 1st week of July.

Usually, the HSC examination starts in April. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020, the education system was completely shaken. But as the number of infections subsided, the lockdown was eventually lifted and things started to get normal. Students attended classes digitally but it wasn’t as effective as physical classes.

Last year, the students started to come to their schools and colleges and physical classes returned to normal. Because of this, the HSC exam is starting 3 months late. Although things aren’t perfect, gradually the schedules will get back on track. It is expected that from 2024, the HSC and SSC examinations will again be held at their usual time.

This year’s HSC examination started on the 6th of November and ended on December 13th. The HSC result of 2022 was published on 8th February 2023.


According to the statement of Professor Tapan Kumar Saha, you can expect HSC 2023 exam to start in the 1st week of July. Although the date might change, if everything goes smoothly, that’s when the HSC exam will start. So the HSC candidates can mentally prepare themselves for the exam.

That’s it for this post. Keep connected with us and we’ll let you know the latest information as it becomes available.

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