HSC Routine 2023 Download

Big news for the HSC 2023 exam candidates. The HSC 2023 examination is going to start soon and the routine has been also published. The exam routine was posted online on Thursday by the signature of the convener of the inter-education board examination control committee Professor Md. Abul Bashar. Like before, students have to enter the exam hall 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

We received this news just recently and that’s why we’re updating all of you with the latest information. What’s the HSC routine 2023, when will the exam start and when will it end? We will answer all those questions in this post.

HSC Routine 2023 – Date

This year’s HSC exam will start on 17th August and will end on 25th September. Usually, the SSC examination starts in the first week of February and the HSC examination starts in April. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, this cycle was broken. In fact, the SSC and HSC for that year were skipped and students were given certificates without those examinations.

Then, in 2021 and 2022 the SSC and HSC exams were held but on a short syllabus. The HSC 2022 exam was again delayed due to the flood condition throughout the country. In the previous year, the examination was held in November. Therefore, the starting and finishing date of the HSC 2023 exam are:

  • HSC 2023 exam starts on 17th August
  • HSC 2023 exam ends on 25th September

This year’s HSC exam will be taken on the full syllabus. In our previous post, we stated what the possible date of HSC examination could be. According to Professor Tapan Kumar Saha, the HSC 2023 Exam was supposed to be held in the 1st week of July. But as we mentioned in that post, it’s possible that the HSC 2023 exam date might change. And it did. The HSC 2023 exam has been postponed to August because the syllabus wasn’t complete.

When the SSC and HSC exams will be back to their original date, well, if everything goes ok, then in 2024.

HSC Routine 2023 Download

This year HSC 2023 exam will be held on the full syllabus. The exam routine was published earlier today on the official website of Dhaka Education Board. We’re providing the screenshot images of the syllabus along with the link so that you can download the PDF file as well.

So here’s the HSC 2023 exam routine that you’ve all been waiting for. Down below is the 1st page of the HSC routine 2023.

hsc routine 2023 page 1

Next, we have the 2nd page of the HSC 2023 exam routine:

hsc routine 2023 page 2

👉 You can also download the PDF version of the routine. Just click on this link to download the HSC 2023 Exam Routine

So that’s the HSC routine 2023. There’s a third page attached to the exam routine that contains special advice and some information for the candidates. You can download the PDF to read all that. But we are stating some of those rules here.

  • Exam candidates are requested to enter the exam hall 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
  • First MCQ will be taken then the creative/constructive exam will be taken
  • 30 minutes will be given for 30 marks MCQ and for 70 marks creative 2 hours 30 minutes will be given
  • Exam candidates have to pass theoretical, MCQ, and Practical (if applicable) separately
  • Candidates can use a normal scientific calculator (Non-programmable) in the exam. They cannot use a programmable calculator.

There are many pieces of advice and information on the third page of the exam routine. Make sure you read all of those carefully in order to better prepare for the examination.


That brings our HSC routine 2023 post to an end. After the pandemic, the students, teachers, and parents had to suffer a lot. The normal cycle of the SSC and HSC exams was broken due to the pandemic. But gradually everything is getting back to its normal state. If things continue at this pace, the SSC and HSC exams will get back to normal in 2024. Hopefully, students can better prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges.

We wish all the HSC 2023 exam candidates the best. We hope that you can better prepare yourselves for this exam and have a wonderful result. To know when the results will be published, and how to check your HSC 2023 results, stay with us as we always inform you of the latest and authentic information on education.

If you have any questions regarding the HSC routine 2023, feel free to ask us in the comments below. We try our best to bring you the best and most authentic information. If you see errors or corrections, let us know as soon as you can and we will correct them. Thank you for staying with Edumik.

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