New syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper for HSC 2022

Due to the pandemic situation in Bangladesh, the educational institutions have remained closed for 15+ months. Which is the longest period of closure in the entire world. Considering the safety of the students and the general public this hard decision had to be made. Classes started a few months ago, but again a closure was declared on January 21st following a sharp rise in COVID positive cases.

On 22nd February, schools and colleges continued their classes partially. Now if everything goes according to plan, the administration decided to open classes fully from March 2. Schools and colleges are also prepared for the full in-person classes on March 2.

The syllabus for Bangla and English are now shortened. The marks distribution is also short. In this article, we will discuss the updated syllabus and new marks distribution of Bangla 2nd paper for HSC 2022.

New syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper for HSC 2022

The new syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper for the HSC 2022 examination is as following:

The new marks distribution of Bangla 2nd paper for HSC 2022 is given below:

The HSC exam of Bangla 2nd paper will be held on 50 marks.

If you want to read the official document, visit this link.

 Will the In-person classes resume from March 2?

As we’ve discussed earlier that in-person classes will resume from March 2, this decision has been made final by the authorities. However, there are certain rules and regulations regarding joining classes. These rules are:

  • Students who has with complete vaccination (2 doses) may join classes
  • Students who has received one dose or who haven’t received any dose will have to take online classes
  • Students must maintain all the COVID safety protocols such as wearing masks in the school or college premises.

In the meantime, the administration has also informed their plans on bringing students of age 12 or less into the vaccination program.

The same rules apply for University classes as well. The partial reopening of classes took place from the 22nd of February. The full in-person class will initiate from 2nd of March. The authorities are hoping that all students will get vaccinated before March 2.

The SSC and HSC exams for 2022 have been planned to be held in June and August respectively. But this isn’t certain at this time. The COVID stats have been on the decline, but it is still unpredictable. If the positive cases surge again, then the exams may be rescheduled.


Bangla and English subjects were made mandatory for the 2022 SSC and HSC exams. Last year students sat for only 3 optional subjects with a reduced syllabus. The additional subjects also have reduced syllabus considering the pandemic situation. This takes the pressure a bit off from students.

We will be covering more on these topics as more information becomes available. Stick with us and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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