New syllabus of English 1st paper for HSC 2022

Schools and colleges have resumed their classes recently. This is big news for the students, parents and the teachers. Many speculate that this might lead to another closure as this has been the case last time. But what’s different is that the authorities made some strict regulations. Students must have 2 doses of vaccine in order to participate in classes. Those with only one dose of vaccine will not be allowed within the premises of the schools or colleges.

The new revision of English and Bangla syllabus also revealed some interesting changes. In this article, we will share the new syllabus of English 1st paper for HSC examination. So, without delay, let’s get started.

New Syllabus for English 1st paper for HSC

The syllabus of English 1st paper for the HSC examination is understandably larger than SSC. A total of 6 units from the English For Today book has been selected. Of those 6 units, 24 lessons are included.

The Units that are selected from the EFT book are 1,3,4,6,8, and 12. The revised syllabus has also included how many classes will be taken on each of these lessons. The syllabus has been given below:

According to this document, a total of 55 classes will be enough to cover the entire syllabus.

New marks distribution for English 1st paper for HSC

Last year, the education board reduced the syllabus of the 3 optional subjects. The new mandatory subjects (Bangla and English) also have a truncated syllabus. The marks distribution has also been reduced.

Instead of 100 marks, the total marks will be 50. The following image shows the new marks distribution for English 1st paper for HSC:

If you want to read the original document, visit this link.

The expected date of examination

There has been much debate on when and how to take the SSC and HSC examinations for 2022. From the latest official statement from the Ministry of Education, we came to know when the SSC and HSC examinations for 2022 might be held. We are saying “might be” because the decision is not final and might change in the future. But according to the report:

  • 2022 SSC exam will be held on June
  • 2022 HSC exam will be held on August

Since the reopening of all the educational institutions on 22nd February, all students are very excited to go back to their regular classes. However, Dr. Dipu Moni, the education minister of Bangladesh siad that students with 2 doses of vaccination will be allowed to attend the class. She also wished that students with only 1 dose of vaccination would receive the 2nd dosage before 2nd March.

Since classes will fully resume from 2nd March, students with only 1 dosage are requested to complete their vaccination.


It has been over a year since the educational institutions were announced to be closed off. Classes did resume a few months ago, but due to the recent pandemic state, they were closed again. There is no doubt that the pandemic has left a devastating effect on our world. Even as the number of cases are reducing, there is no telling if a new and stronger variant will emerge.

The students and parents have faced enormous difficulties during this time period. While online classes brought a temporary solution, it’s nothing like the physical classes. We do hope everything will return to normal in due time.

It is good to know that the education ministry has the best interest of the students. The revision of the syllabus and marks distribution has shown us exactly that. We do hope that all students will get proper vaccination and will continue classes like the good old days.

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