New syllabus of English 2nd paper for HSC 2022

As we all know, the schools as well as the colleges have partially reopened. Students are returning to their respective educational institutions with more hopes. There are new rules this time though. Students who received the complete vaccination (2 doses) will only be allowed to participate in the class. The students who have incomplete doses (1 dose or less) will not be allowed within the classroom. They must attend online classes again.

In-person classes will resume from March 2 and within that time frame, authorities hope they can complete the vaccination of all students.

Considering the pandemic and some recent spikes in the positive cases, authorities decided to shorten the syllabus of English and Bangla subjects. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the updated syllabus of English 2nd paper for HSC 2022. So without further ado, let’s get started.

New syllabus of English 2nd paper for HSC 2022

The new syllabus of English 2nd paper for HSC examination is a bit larger than SSC, which is understandable. The syllabus also contains the number of classes required to complete all the lessons. So, let’s take a look at the syllabus of English 2nd paper for HSC 2022:

english 2nd paper syllabus for HSC 2022 page 1
english 2nd paper syllabus for HSC 2022 page 2

Since the syllabus was shortened, the number distribution was also reassigned. The new number distribution for English 2nd paper is given below:

English 2nd paper marks distribution for HSC page 1
English 2nd paper marks distribution for HSC page 2

If you want to read the official document, visit this link.

Why the sudden shortening of these subjects?

The education ministry has informed that considering the current COVID status they have reduced the syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper and English 1st and 2nd paper. This change was made for SSC as well as HSC for this year.

This also comes as an advantage for the students as online classes aren’t as effective as physical classes. It was difficult to cover all the lessons through online classes. Because of lagging, poor internet connection, improper study environment, etc. online classes failed to deliver that level of quality.

Considering all these difficulties, the authorities have taken the decision of shortening the syllabus for these important subjects.

Recently the SSC and HSC examination date was also announced. From the official statement of the education board of Bangladesh we came to know the following:

  • SSC exam for 2022 will be held in June
  • HSC exam for 2022 will be held in August

The time of these exams is not final, however. If everything goes according to plan, the schools and colleges will resume their physical classes fully from March 2. School and college authorities have informed us that they are fully prepared for March 2. 


The new syllabus of English 2nd paper was announced a few days ago. This decision was carefully taken considering the COVID status of Bangladesh. In the earlier period of this year, there was a spike in COVID positive cases. There was also a rise in the number of COVID deaths. This was a serious concern and the authorities feared reopening educational institutions.

There was no alternative as the education must go on. The schools and colleges of Bangladesh remained closed for over 15 months, which is the longest in the entire world. Realizing the damage and uncertain future of millions of students, the authorities were forced to reopen the schools and colleges. But this time, strict regulations were to be maintained.

We hope that you found this article helpful and can better prepare for the upcoming classes and exams. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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