New syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper for SSC 2022

Recently all educational institutions have reopened under the direction of the education ministry. From February 22nd, all the schools and colleges have partially reopened and if everything goes according to plan, classes will resume fully from March 2.

According to the new regulations, students with complete vaccination (2 doses) may participate in the classes. In the latest news, we have also come to know that the syllabus of Bangla and English has been shortened. This was decided considering the pandemic state of the country.

The aim of this article is to inform the new syllabus and marks distribution of Bangla 2nd paper. We believe this will assist all the students who are preparing for the SSC exam.

New syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper for SSC 2022

The new shortened syllabus was revealed just a few days ago as all the schools, as well as colleges, are preparing for the full reopening. The revision of the syllabus was made for Bangla (2nd paper) and English (1st and 2nd paper). These subjects have also been made mandatory. So students have to sit for these exams along with 3 other optional subjects. Let’s take a look at the new syllabus for Bangla 2nd paper for SSC:

Last year, the students attended only on three optional subjects with short syllabus and with fewer total marks. This year, the Bangla and English subjects were made mandatory along with the 3 optional subjects. Now these subjects also have reduced syllabus with lower marks distribution.

Bangla 2nd paper syllabus for SSC

The marks distribution has also been modified along with the curriculum. Now the SSC Bangla 2nd paper exam will be held out of 55.

Bangla 2nd paper syllabus and marks distribution for SSC

If you want to read the official document, visit this link.

Possible SSC and HSC exam dates for 2022

According to the latest official announcements, the SSC and HSC for 2022 have been decided to be held in mid-June and mid-August respectively. These dates are not fixed as they might be changed depending on the pandemic situation. As for Universities, the same rules will be applied. Regular class will resume from 2nd March.

There are 1.28 crore students from grade 6-12 and among them, 1.27 crore students have already taken their first vaccine dose. The rest of the students must receive their 2nd dose of vaccine otherwise they will not be permitted to attend physical classes. The authorities hope that all the students will complete their vaccination.

The authorities have also revealed their plans to bring students of age 12 under vaccination. If that can be done, then all classes can resume normally.


Even though the classes have resumed and students are slowly and steadily attending, there is still much to look out for. Getting vaccinated is just one step, we must all follow the safety protocols in order to completely defeat COVID.

There is no denying that COVID has left a wound that will never heal. We only hope that in time, everything will get back to normal. In a recent news report, it was also said that many students are forgetting fundamental subjects. Recovery from this stage is very difficult, for this reason, the educational institutions had to be reopened without any delay.

We believe that our article was beneficial for you. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. Till then stay safe and maintain all the COVID protocols for your and your family’s safety.

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