SSC 2023 Exam Date – What We Know So Far

The SSC 2023 exam date was recently hinted by the education board. Although this is just a possible date and it is subject to change, it still gives us a good idea of when the SSC 2023 exam is going to be held. 

The SSC 2022 exam was held on a short syllabus because of the COVID situation last year. Since the pandemic is now under control and every student took the required vaccination, education can get back to its regular pace. In a recent interview, Inter Education Board Coordination Sub Committee President Tapan Kumar Sarkar gave an idea about the SSC 2023 exam date. In this post, we’re going to discuss this topic and let the students know the possible date of the SSC 2023 exam.

Generally, the SSC examinations are held in February but students were not able to attend their classes normally due to the pandemic and flood conditions in Bangladesh. For this reason, the authorities have decided to delay the SSC 2023 exam.

SSC 2023 Exam on the Short Syllabus?

The SSC 2022 exam was held on a short syllabus because the candidates didn’t have the opportunity to attend physical classes properly. That is due to the lockdown. Although the authorities decided to hold virtual classes, not every student was able to attend those. Because of all these issues, the SSC 2022 exam was held on a short syllabus.

The SSC 2023 exam will also be held on a short syllabus since students couldn’t attend physical classes properly. You can download the SSC 2023 short syllabus from one of our previous posts. Be sure to check it out. But since the pandemic is under control, the 2023 SSC exam will be taken on all subjects

SSC 2023 Exam Date – What We Know So Far

Because of the pandemic and the flood, the SSC exam of 2022 was postponed for 7 months and the exam was finally started on 15th September 2022. The results of SSC 2022 were published on 28th November.

In a recent interview the Inter Education Board Coordination Sub Committee President Tapan Kumar Sarkar, informed the press about the possible SSC 2023 exam date. He said that the SSC 2023 exam is going to be held by the end of April 2023.

Normally, SSC students get 316 days of classes and HSC students get 330 days of classes. Because of the pandemic, the candidates for the SSC 2023 exam spent 8 months outside of class. For this reason, the SSC 2023 exam will be held on all of the subjects but on a short syllabus so that students don’t feel that much pressure.

As for HSC, Tapan Kumar Sarkar didn’t inform any changes. But in 2024 he expects to hold the SSC examination normally. He also added that, from January 2024, every class will be taken normally and exams will be taken on the full syllabus.

Because of COVID-19, the country underwent multiple lockdowns. These lockdowns had severe consequences on the daily operations of various businesses as well as the education of the students. It disrupted the physical classes and since students couldn’t attend the classes, the decision to take online classes was made. But due to various technical difficulties, it was impossible for many students to attend those classes as well.

The Bangladesh Education Board was concerned with the safety of the students and staff. Also, it was difficult to take decisions as to what to do with the board examinations. But finally, things got normal and schools and colleges started their usual operations. It will take some time to recover from this damage but we can expect everything to get back to normal within 2024.

So that’s it for today. The 2023 SSC candidates can expect their exams to start by the end of April ’23 and take preparations accordingly. Also, the exams will be held on all subjects but on a short syllabus. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below. For more information and updates related to education stay with us.

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