SSC Result 2022 with Mark Sheet (Check Here)

The SSC examination of 2022 was held physically this year. The examination started in mid-September and ended in October a few days ago. Now that the exams are over, we are interested in how to check the SSC result 2022. As for when the SSC result of 2022 is published, we’ve already written an article on it. Make sure to check it out. Although there’s no official date yet, we will keep you posted as it becomes available.

In this post, we will learn how to check your SSC exam result. But do remember you can check your results after it is officially published. 

This year the SSC exam was held physically in exam halls. After a long one-year lockdown, students were finally able to attend their SSC exams physically. As you might know, the starting date of the 2022 SSC examination was 15-Sept-2022. The theoretical exams ended on 1st October. The practical exam’s duration was from 10th October to 15th October. This concluded the SSC examination of 2022.

SSC 2022 Result Publish Date

Although there hasn’t been any officially declared date for when the SSC results of 2022 will be published. But it is being speculated that it might be 10th November. This date is not official but you can expect the result will be published around that time.

However, seven days after the results have been published, you can apply for a result re-evaluation process through SMS. In our upcoming posts, we will show you how you can apply for a re-evaluation of the SSC 2022 exams.

How to check SSC result 2022

Since the official date of result publication hasn’t been declared, so we can’t say exactly when you can check your SSC result. But after the results have been published, you can check your SSC results.

Like always, you can visit the official education board website Simply select SSC/Dakhil from the Examination field, then select 2022 for the year, and select your board. Finally, enter your registration and roll number and as a security question, answer the math problem and click on the “Submit” button.

official website for checking SSC result

However, a problem with this process is, the day the results are published, this site becomes overloaded. Because a large number of users visit the website to check the SSC results. So what you can do is, either visit your individual board’s website or check through SMS. 

How to check the SSC result for Dhaka Board

Checking your result through SMS is much faster and easier. Since the main education board website becomes too crowded, it becomes difficult to check your result. Now we are going to see how you can check the Dhaka board SSC results through SMS. 

Go to your phone’s Message option and type “SSC” without the quotation. Then give space,  and type your board’s first three letters. Since we are checking the Dhaka Board, you have to type “DHA” without the quotation. Then type your roll number and then the exam year (for example 2022). Then send the SMS to 16222. If the results are published, you will receive another SMS that contains your SSC result.

To summarize, type your exam name (SSC), your board’s first three letters (DHA), your roll number (123456 for example), and exam year (2022)

SMS example: SSC DHA 123456 2022

Your SMS should look something like the above-mentioned message. Similarly, you can check the SSC results of other boards just by replacing the ‘DHA’ with your board’s first three letters.

How to check the SSC results of other boards

If you want to check the SSC results of other boards, the process is pretty much the same. Instead of ‘DHA’, you have to write the first three letters of your board. Check the list given below for clarification:

  • For Chittagong Board: CHI

Full message example: SSC CHI 123456 2022

  • For Comilla Board: COM

Full message example: SSC COM 123456 2022

  • For Barishal Board: BAR

Full message example: SSC BAR 123456 2022

  • For Dinajpur Board: DIN

Full message example: SSC DIN 123456 2022

  • For Jessore Board: JES

Full message example: SSC JES 123456 2022

  • For Sylhet Board: SYL

Full message example: SSC SYL 123456 2022

  • For Rajshahi Board: RAJ

Full message example: SSC RAJ 123456 2022

  • For Mymensingh Board: MYM

Full message example: SSC MYM 123456 2022

How to check the Dakhil exam results

The SMS process for each board has been discussed above. But if you want to check the Dakhil exam results, the SMS process is a little different but still, it’s similar. Instead of ‘SSC’, you have to type ‘Dakhil’ and then type ‘MAD’ which stands for Madrasha. Then, as usual, type in your roll number then type the year of the examination.

For Madrasha Board: MAD

Full message example: Dakhil MAD 123456 2022

How to check the SSC result for Technical Board

To check the SSC result for Technical Board, you have to type in the exam name (SSC) then space, then type “TEC” without the quotations, which stands Technical. Then type in your roll number (123456 for example) followed by the exam year (2022).

For Technical Board: TEC

Full message example: SSC TEC 123456 2022

How to check 2022 SSC Result Marksheet

To check your SSC 2022 result marksheet you have to visit your exam board’s official website. Below we have included the official links of each board. Simply visit the Board under which you sat for your SSC exam to find your SSC exam marksheet.

  • Dhaka Board:
  • Chittagong Board:
  • Rajshahi Board:
  • Comilla Board:
  • Jessore Board:
  • Barishal Board:
  • Sylhet Board:
  • Dinajpur Board:
  • Mymensingh Board:
  • Madrasha Board:
  • Vocation Technical Board:

However, do keep in mind that the marksheet takes time to become available. So if you can’t find your marksheets, don’t worry, because they might not be available at that time. So try again later.


So that concludes our post on how to check the SSC results of 2022. This year the students, teachers, and the entire staff had to go through a lot of pressure. After a long time, the schools and colleges reopened. There was a bit of confusion if it would be safe for everyone to hold a physical SSC exam this year. But the authorities decided that it would be safe and best for students if they attended the physical exams on a short syllabus.

Everything went well, the students, teachers, and parents were satisfied with everything. Finally, the exams are over and now the students can relax for a little bit. But when the results will be published? Stick with us because we will let you know as soon as any official news becomes available.

If you have any queries regarding how to check the SSC exam results, how to check the marksheet, or anything related to SSC or HSC, you can comment below.

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