SSC Result 2022 Publish Date

The 2022 SSC examination was finally held after a lot of setbacks and changes. Now the question stands when will be the SSC Result for 2022 published? In this post, we will find an answer to that question. Due to COVID-19 this year SSC exam was taken on a short syllabus. The exam date was postponed a number of times because of the lockdowns and flood conditions in Bangladesh.

But finally, the examination was held and concluded successfully. Now students are looking for the SSC result for 2022. On November 16th Wednesday, we received the official date of the result publication. In this article, we are going to inform you when the SSC result for 2022 will be published. So let’s get started.

The SSC examination of 2022

Due to the spread of COVID-19 schools and colleges in Bangladesh remained closed for over 1 year. However, in the middle of the year, it was decided to open schools and colleges, but the number of positive COVID cases increased. Which forced the Government to undergo another lockdown. After remaining closed for over 1 year, schools and colleges decided to continue their regular operations earlier this year.

Students and teachers continued their physical classes but with new protocols. Students had to take 2 doses of vaccinations and had to wear masks while on campus. So far there were no new mass complications like the previous times and everything went smoothly. Because of this, the authority decided to hold the SSC 2022 examination usually this year.

Besides the severe flooding, the exams had to be postponed, but other than that, the SSC 2022 examination went smoothly. This year the SSC examination was held on a short syllabus so that it could be easier for the students. Now all that’s remaining is the results of SSC 2022.

SSC result 2022 publish date

On November 16th, the chairman of the primary and secondary education board, Tapan Kumar Sarkar notified the press about a possible date when the SSC result for 2022 is going to be published. He said that the SSC result for 2022 will be published between the 28th – 30th of November.

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Usually, the SSC result is published within 60 days after the examination is held. It was also added that whenever the Prime Minister finds time, she will announce the SSC result for 2022. Because the Prime Minister usually announces the SSC result, this year will be no different. So the results are expected to be announced anywhere between the 28th – 30th of November.

The SSC examination of 2022 started on 15th September. Due to the COVID and flood situation in Bangladesh, the exams were postponed several times. But later on, when the situation was under control, the exams were held and students were able to attend the exams peacefully.

This year there were 9 education boards and the total number of SSC candidates was above 2 million. The SSC exams were held at 3,790 exam halls.

SSC result 2022 publish date


This year’s SSC examination was uncertain at the beginning of the year. Since schools and colleges remained closed for so long and students had to continue most of their studies online. As good as it might sound, online classes aren’t as effective as regular physical classes. And many students were unable to attend the online classes due to technical difficulties. For this reason, the education boards decided to hold this year’s SSC examination on a short syllabus. 

Since the syllabus was shortened, the students were able to attend the SSC 2022 examinations peacefully. The next examination that is going to be held in the HSC examination. The new routine for HSC 2022 examination was also published recently. We’ve covered the topic so you can check it out if you want.

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