New syllabus of English 2nd paper for SSC 2022

With schools and colleges reopening there is a certain excitement in the minds of students, parents, and the staff. The partial reopening started from 22nd February and if everything goes as planned, then from 2nd March every class will resume normally.

There are still some rules and regulations that everyone must abide by such as the mandatory vaccination of students. Bangla and English subjects are now mandatory. The education board has also reduced the syllabus for these subjects due to the pandemic. There will also be a new marks distribution for exams.

In this article, we aim to inform you about the new changes in the English 2nd paper for SSC in 2022. We do hope that you will find it useful and this will better help students prepare themselves for the upcoming 2022 examination.

Why a shortened syllabus?

From the recent news, we came to know that students have to sit for Bangla and English classes besides their three optional subjects. Although it is uncertain, for the time being, the government has decided to hold the SSC and HSC examinations in mid-June and mid-August respectively.

Since the schools and colleges remain closed off for so long, it hampered the studies of many students. Participating in online classes was a good idea as online classes are better than no classes. But nothing compares to the regular classes. 

Many students found it difficult to participate online due to technical or financial difficulties. The quality of education was difficult to maintain for that matter. Considering all those difficulties as well as the COVID situation of Bangladesh, the authorities decided to shorten the syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper and English 1st and 2nd papers. However short the syllabus might be, it is still a welcoming idea by students, parents as well as teachers.

New syllabus of English 2nd paper for SSC 2022

Due to the COVID situation, the English 2nd paper has a short syllabus for SSC 2022. The following is the shortened version of the syllabus:

The marks distribution of the English 2nd paper was also changed. Now the SSC examination will be taken on 50 marks. The marks distribution is divided into the following categories:

  • Grammar (30 marks)
  • Composition (20 marks)

If you want to read the original document, visit this link.


Even though the reopening of the schools and colleges seems like a risky move, there remains no better alternative. The authorities have announced that only the students who completed their vaccination (2 doses) will be allowed to attend the physical classes. Even if the student with 1 dose of vaccine will have to participate in online classes or TV classes.

The director-general of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE), Professor Nehal Ahmed said that COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed strictly. All schools and colleges have taken preparation in this regard as well.

Prof. Nehal Ahmed also said that there are in total 1.28 crore students from grade 6-12. Among those, about 1.27 students already have received their 1st dose of vaccination. The rest 80% have also received the 2nd dosage. Prof also hoped that the 2nd dose will be administered to the rest of the students within a week.

Even though schools and colleges have reopened, it is difficult to say what direction the COVID status will be. But what we can do for the time being, is to follow the COVID-19 safety protocols.

We’ll be happy to know that our article helped you understand the new changes in the curriculum on the English 2nd paper. Stick with us as we will be covering more on educational topics as more official information comes to light.

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