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As we all know the schools and colleges are back to normal as students are rushing into their classrooms once again. All the education partial reopening of educational institutions took place on 22nd February 2022. In 2 days, (March 4th, 2022), schools and colleges will fully reopen. As the possible SSC exam of 2022 has been announced recently, the shortened syllabus of Bangla and English was also revised and made public. Now the revised syllabus of other SSC subjects was also revealed.

Previously we covered the short syllabus of Bangla 2nd paper, English 1st and 2nd paper. Today in this article, we want to inform students, parents, teachers, and every other staff involved about the revised syllabus of other subjects. So, let’s get started.

SSC exam with more subjects this year

Last year’s SSC and HSC examination was held on fewer subjects due to the COVID situation. This year the authorities had decided to make Bangla and English subjects mandatory with reduced syllabus and mark distribution. We covered the reduced syllabus on SSC in one of our previous articles.

From an official document of the education board, it was made clear that the SSC exam will likely begin from June 19th. Considering the pandemic situation, the SSC exam will start 3 and a half months earlier than usual. The marks syllabus is short and will have fewer numbers. The exam duration will also be shorter.

While students were expected to sit for Bangla, English, and the other 3 optional subjects, more subjects were added. Now the students will have to sit for Bangla, English, Mathematics, and a fourth subject along with the 3 optional subjects. This information is received from the acting chairman of the Dhaka education board, Prof. Tapan Kumar Sarkar.

It was also said that students of the SSC exam don’t have to sit for religion, ICT, Bangladesh, and Global studies and science. The HSC students also have a different exam schedule which we have covered in another post.

The syllabus of the new subjects

As more subjects have been introduced into the SSC exam, a new syllabus was also released. From the official website, we have received the new syllabus. The new syllabus for Bangla 1st paper as following:

The new SSC syllabus for Bangla 2nd paper is as follows:

The new SSC syllabus for English 1st paper is as follows:

The new SSC syllabus for English 2nd paper is as follows:

Bangla 2nd paper, English 1st and 2nd paper have reduced syllabus and the marks distribution will also be less will be difficult to mention each and every single one of the subjects so we are mentioning the link where you can read the entire syllabus:

Reduced marks distribution and reduced time

There were 2 separate notifications from the education board yesterday that said that students will have to sit for exams with reduced marks and time. The following is the new orientation:

Subjects with no practical exam:

Students have to sit for total of 55 marks → 40 marks for written and 15 marks for MCQ

Subjects with practical exam:

Students have to sit for total of 45 marks → 30 marks for written and 15 marks for MCQ

Exam duration: 2 hours

Before the pandemic students had to sit for a 3 hour examination marked out of 100 total marks. According to the new notification from the education board, SSC candidates should start filling out online forms from April 13

It has been advised that educational institutions will be able to take preparatory exams for SSC from May 19.

To download the new syllabus of all the subjects for SSC visit the following link:

👉 Syllabus of all subjects for SSC 2022 examination (Click Here to Download from Google Drive)


As the students, parents, and teachers rejoice in the full reopening of in-person classes, tensions also rise as the SSC exam date is knocking at the door. The reduced syllabus of English 1st, 2nd, and Bangla 2nd paper takes a bit of pressure off, but there are new subjects added as well.

The syllabus of the new subjects has been made public and we shared as much information that is available at the time. It can also be noted that the education board has projected a probable date for the SSC examination (June 19th). Which might change if there are any complications. But if everything goes according to plan, this date will be final.

We hope that SSC candidates can better prepare themselves for the upcoming examination. Stay connected with us for daily updates and feel free to ask questions in the comment section. Let us know your thoughts.

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