SSC 2022 Exam New Date

The SSC and relevant examination of 2022 were postponed again due to the flood will now be on 15th September. This news was made public by the Education Board today on 17th July. The education minister Dr. Dipu Moni herself announced this news in a meeting with the press.

As you might already know, the 2022 SSC and relevant exams were supposed to start on the 19th of June. But due to the severe flood conditions in Sylhet, Shunamganj, and other areas of Bangladesh, the examinations were postponed. After this declaration, many were concerned about when the SSC and relevant exams will be held?

Although the starting date of the exam has been officially declared, we still haven’t received the entire timetable of the exams. In the same briefing, the education minister Dr. Dipu Moni said that she hopes that the SSC and Dakhil exams will start on 15th September, and as for the exam routine, the Boards will notify the public as soon as possible.

On 6th July, Dr. Dipu Moni said that the books of many students were damaged due to the flood. She said that all the students whose books were damaged will be given new books. The number of students who needed new books was identified as well.


The 2022 SSC, HSC, and relevant exams were postponed several times. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdown was forced and students had to suffer. Earlier this year, it was decided that schools and colleges can reopen and students may continue their studies like before. So with complete vaccinations, students returned to their schools and colleges with a jolly mind.

It was also decided that SSC, HSC, and relevant exams should be held physically this year. So students had to prepare themselves for this examination. We wish all the SSC and Dakhil students all the best for their examinations. For future updates, stay with us.

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