When will the 2022 SSC Exam Start? Know the Latest Information

As the number of positive covid cases declined, schools and colleges started their regular classes earlier this year. Since classes started normally and students took their vaccinations, it was decided that SSC and HSC exams will be held physically.

It was decided that the SSC examination will be held on 19th June. But due to the dangerous flooding in Sylhet and other districts of Bangladesh, it was decided to postpone the SSC exam. There are over 2 million SSC and similar exam candidates who are anxious about the exam. Everyone is concerned about when the SSC exam will be held. 👉 আপডেটঃ SSC 2022 Exam New Date.

When will the SSC exam of 2022 be held?

Although the SSC and similar exams have been postponed several times before, due to the flood, it’s being postponed again. This is the worst flood in the history of Bangladesh as it has devasted thousands of families in Sylhet, Chittagong, and other districts. In this state, it is difficult to conduct the examinations.

The chairman of the secondary and higher secondary education board Tapon Kumar Sharkar has made some important statements regarding the SSC exams. He stated that due to the flood condition the SSC exam has been postponed. He also stated when there’s an improvement in the flood condition the new SSC and similar exam routine will be declared.

From the information that we’ve received so far, it’s unclear when the 2022 SSC exam will be held. But probably it will start in August 2022. When the flood condition of Bangladesh will improve, the SSC exam will continue. 

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To stay updated with the latest information on when the exam will continue, stay with us.

Will the HSC exam be postponed as well?

The SSC and similar exams have been postponed but now the question arises, what about the HSC exam? The flood condition that we are seeing currently is the most devastating and horrifying flood that Bangladesh has ever experienced. The flood-affected people are now seeking shelter elsewhere as their houses have been destroyed.

Although the government, non-government, NGOs, and other organizations are doing what they can, it is difficult to say when this flood situation will be resolved. If this situation continues, the HSC exam will be postponed as well. The 2022 HSC and similar exams are decided to be held in August, but due to the flood condition, it’s still not certain.

Due to the COVID situation, students faced a lot of difficulties continuing their studies. To make things easier for the students, a short syllabus for the SSC 2022 exam was made public. A short syllabus of the HSC 2022 exam was also declared to reduce the stress of the students.


Once again SSC and similar exams have been postponed and this time it wasn’t due to COVID, but the most dangerous flood that we’ve ever seen in the country. Flood is not an uncommon thing in the monsoon season of Bangladesh, but this time it’s really different. Conducting any kind of exam in this situation is impossible. For this reason, the authorities have decided to postpone SSC and similar exams.

Our heart goes out to all the flood-affected people. We do hope that this situation will resolve as soon as possible and things will get back to normal.

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